History of Domaine de La Tour

In 1212, the Knights Templar built a defensive house, a commandery, in Saint-Chaptes on the rich soils of the left bank of the Gardon River.

800 years later, the main tower still stands over the estate which it bears the name.

Since the 13th century, the estate has been sold only three times and it has been inhabited and loved by the most illustrious Languedoc’s famillies who took a very good care of its embellishment and development.

Witness to Languedoc’s history, the Domaine de La Tour is also a dynamic farm.

The actual owners, since 1835, strive to preserve this precious heritage while developping the winery.

Within the 80’s, the vineyard has been entirely replanted which allows us to produce two complementary of wines. First, our noble wines under the appellation AOP Duché d’Uzès and then, our wellknown verietals range such as Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Viognier and Chardonnay, under the appellation IGP Cévennes.

Work in the vineyard and then wine making are conducted with the greatest care where each generation contributes their own skills.

From Duché d’uzès wine’s creation to the birth of an appelation (AOP) 

Since 1989, winemakers from the Uzège Valley and the Guarrigues worked hard to obtain the protected appellation of origin (AOP).

Wine of the Duché d’Uzès has been created and focuses on the elaboration of terroir’s wine in order to get the recognition of the appellation.

Since many years, winemakers have been successfully through a very long path with many obstacles, made of hope and disappointment.

This appellation, based on strict specifications, wasn’t created to make wine in large quantity. It was created to elaborate fine wines with a hight quality. Thus, us, winemakers, were willing to invest and work very hard in our vineyards.

Gathered by Love and a passionate work that can be often hard, but also arround a terroir rich in history and flavors, we are delighted and proud to introduce our noble wines of the Duché d’Uzès.

Domaine de la tour



Commandery's creation

The Knights Templar built a defensive house, a commandery, in Saint-Chaptes on the rich soils of the left bank of the Gardon River.




Domaine de la Tour has only been sold three times and it has been dwelled and loved by the most illustrious Languedoc families which took a very good care to his development and his embellishment.

Since the 13th century


Since near 200 years

Since 1835, the actual owner strives to maintain and to develop this precious heritage, including the vineyard.

Since 1835



The new wine cellar



Wine shop openning

In may 2009, the new wine shop has openned


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